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  1. I really really liked this talking and to get to know a little bit of Troy’s thoughts. I used to be an art teacher for children from 8-10 yrs old. I was a teacher for 32 years (up til 2009) and now I work as a coordinator of the educative program at São Paulo Biennal (São Paulo / Brasil). Whenever one of my students would complain about some of his/hers colleagues trying to immitate him/her, I used to tell exactly that: Don’t bother yourself about it. You should be proud that someone likes so much your work that wants to immitate it. The world of art is full of immitations and of course a person will find his way (his original way) while trying to immitate someone.
    Troy, your paintings are beautiful. Keep going. Success.
    Laura Barboza (from São Paulo / Brasil)

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